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Top Four Tips On How To Find The Best Real Estate Agent In Dallas

When the time comes to sell your home, one of the most important decisions you will make is which estate agent you choose to market your property.

Everyone has heard of at least one real estate horror story, so how do you avoid becoming another story to add to the list?

The following tips when followed correctly will minimize the risk of picking a poorly performing agent, and maximize the chances of a quick and profitable property sale.

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Do They Have A Lot Of Experience Selling Your Type Of Property?

A good real estate agent should be able to sell any property, regardless of size, value or location, but the reality is much different.

Many agents have begun to specialize in certain property types such as condos for instance.

If the property that you own is a large four bedroom detached property, then the last agent you want to hire is a full-time condominium specialist.

That’s like hiring a painter to remodel your bathroom…

You will regret it.

Back to your home…

They will neither have the knowledge nor the clientele to sell your property, in fact, they might even struggle to value it properly.

That is not intended as a criticism but as a simple statement of fact.

Find a local agent with knowledge of the area, who can demonstrate a successful sales record of similar properties in your area.

Finding real estate agents Dallas can be done!

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Interview At Least Three Agents

The next sentence is a tall order, but worth it.

Invite a minimum of two separate real estate agents in Dallas to come along and value your property. Once they are at your premises and during their inspection, grill them for information.

Evaluate how interested they are, how much fire they have in their belly, and how determined they are to seal the deal.

Ask yourself if you would buy from this agent?

Ask them how they would plan to market the property, and listen carefully to their response.

Do they have a strategy?

Are they providing good, well thought out strategic answers?

Would you want to work with this company?

All of those questions are valid and basic, so a quality and professional real estate agent should have no issues answering them proficiently.

Trend RealtyHow Well Do They Present Properties?

Take a little time to visit the website of any potential real estate agent in Dallas, and look at some of the other properties they are marketing.

Are the photographs to a high standard?

Are their leaflets printed in full color to show off their properties or is it obvious that they are minimizing their costs?

When you meet with them, how quickly and enthusiastically are you greeted?

Does the agent listen to you, or talk over you?

Remember this should be a partnership, rather than the agent assuming total control.

Don’t allow yourself to be bullied into a price you are unhappy with and don’t sign any agreements until you fully understand what you are signing up for.

referral for frisco realtorDoes The Agent Consult You?

Any good real estate agent in Dallas should also be asking you questions, during the initial interview. They should want to know your plans, what kind of price you are prepared to accept, or budget you have, and how quickly you need to move.

All of these questions are both basic but essential, so any agent that doesn’t ask them should be eliminated as an option.

Finally, don’t rush to make any decisions, take the agreements away and read them overnight before signing them.

Once you have chosen your agent, work with them be available whenever possible, and follow their suggestions to ensure a quick and hassle free sale.

You can find real estate agents Dallas today.

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